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Is your company based on an innovative business idea with high growth potential, competitive advantages and strong unique selling propositions to enable it to successfully compete in the market? Are you are a highly qualified entrepreneurial team with passion, enthusiasm and first class communication skills?

Oliver Schulz and his team support promising companies with two essential resources: i) capital to implement and market ideas, and ii) extensive entrepreneurial expertise and a broad investor and expert network. The combination of these resources lays the foundation for creating successful companies and enabling a long-term positive development. We call this Smart Capital.

Present your company to us and gain an investor.


To support entrepreneurs in the optimal way we focus on sectors where we have long-standing personal experience as well as dependable networks.


Infrastructure is crucial for economic development and is an important foundation for a high quality of life. Job creation and preservation, economic growth, enhancing the quality of education, health and safety – the basis for all of this is the infrastructure of a city, a region, a country. According to the report “Infrastructure 2014: Shaping the Competitive City”, published by Ernst & Young and the Urban Land Institute, the quality of a city’s infrastructure is also crucial for investment. This applies particularly to frontier and emerging markets where the expansion of the infrastructure is crucial for the country’s development and the quality of life – and also offers significant potential to investors. This is why we are active in several African and Asian markets.


The world population grows by about 83 million every year. This sustained population and economic growth causes the global energy requirement to rise continuously: scenarios assume energy consumption will grow by up to 50% over the next 20 years. This is strongly impacted by emerging markets “catching up” as well as their growing populations. Whilst renewable energies are gaining importance worldwide, fossil fuels continue to constitute a considerable share. One of the strongest drivers of worldwide energy demand is electricity generation. Currently over 1.3 billion people globally, about 20% of world population, are without access to electricity. The UN aims to change this by 2030. Innovative concepts for power generation, more efficient utilization of alternative energies and better supply of underserved regions are therefore more important than ever. Hence, together with our partners, we have been active for years in several emerging markets.

Financial Services & Insurance

Today, the regulation of financial services is significantly stricter than just a few years ago. Regulation increases the market‘s professionalism but presents providers of financial services with significant challenges, too. At the same time, investors have become more cautious in their investment decisions and demand convincing investment solutions and risk hedging. Even large companies are looking for new opportunities to broaden their range of products in order to offer their clients new investment opportunities and to optimize established investment funds. It is crucial for financial service providers to make available promising new asset classes and this requires expertise in both markets and the general financial environment. In addition, there is currently untapped potential in the insurance sector. Attractive emerging markets often lack specialized insurers and reinsurers and we are currently working on setting up such a structure. Together with political risk insurance this is an essential building block for attracting additional investment.


The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is one of the most important and fastest growing segments in the world. According to Ernst & Young, the biotechnology industry alone achieved a turnover of $98.8 billion in 2013, an increase of 10% relative to 2012. This continued growth leads to greater investment in research and development. The pharmaceutical industry had an even greater turnover of $962 billion. The development and licensing of new products for diseases which were previously difficult to treat or indeed untreatable, such as Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer require new innovative ideas, flexibility and efficiency. Such products will allow the responsible companies to achieve potentially large turnovers.

Adding Value

Advisory Services

Supporting entrepreneurs in developing a successful business requires not only a monetary investment. Critical for success are – besides the business idea – a reliable network and entrepreneurial know-how.

Oliver Schulz and his team provide all-encompassing investment consultation services to governments, organizations and enterprises. As an example, the team is currently advising an African government on the implementation of a range of development projects that are to be partially driven by expertise based in China.

These services can cover financing, management and investment analysis to improve the investment outcome and manage risk. In addition, the team assists in seeking suitable business opportunities and partners.


The team is able to use its experience and research abilities to provide the best possible picture of the investment environment. This could include information covering the political or economic background, as well as information on the regulatory environment.


You benefit from the international network we have built-up through the various companies we are involved in and also receive access to numerous experts including investment bankers, lawyers, tax consultants, and fund managers as well as national and international investors. In addition, we have strong relationships with several development banks, e.g. KfW and its subsidiary DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft), the Worldbank’s subsidiary International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the U.S. government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

The network enables us to assist e.g. Chinese enterprises seeking to invest in Africa, as well as e.g. African projects seeking Chinese expertise and partners for investment.

Operations and Management Consulting

In addition to enabling access to our qualified network, we remain an active partner and continue to support entrepreneurs in matters concerning management or organizational requirements with the aim of enabling the long-term success and development of the company. In particular, this could involve setting-up and implementing standard international practice as a means of managing investment risk. In addition, it can use shareholder activism as a tool, in improving investment outcome.

Even beyond the initial and expansion periods, we remain a valuable and long-term partner. Our experience as entrepreneur and understanding of restructuring enables us to accompany a company through a turn-around situation and to provide the network necessary to re-structure successfully.
We are able to advise in the later stages of a company’s development too. Our significant experience in finance and economics as well as long-standing roles on the boards and as CFO for various companies, combines with our network of investors, investment bankers and lawyers to enable us to support and advise on leveraged buy-outs, refinancings, initial public offerings as well as on management buy-outs and buy-ins.
Thus, we support entrepreneurs during a company’s entire development cycle as a qualified advisor and partner.

Introduce to us your business idea and benefit from a strong partner and Smart Capital.


Investment Process

Long-term successful investments need innovative and executable ideas. In order to find those ideas we examine the company and idea in several steps. From the very beginning relevant experts and investors can be involved.

Investment process at a glance (illustrative):

  • Preliminary assessment of the company based on the executive summary; if appropriate we involve experts and potential cooperation partners.
  • Following a positive decision the company will have the opportunity to present its business plan.
  • If management, the business concept and the financial plan are convincing a preliminary due diligence round takes place.
  • If the results are positive, a proof of concept will be examined in detail and specific opportunities for co-operations will be discussed.
  • Following a positive decision the company will receive a term sheet summarizing the specific framework for the investment.
  • Before signing, possible exit options will be discussed.
  • If an agreement can be reached, the first round of financing commences. Depending on both the duration of the investment and the company’s development further financing rounds are possible. We also support the company in looking for additional investors.

Oliver Schulz' investment process - Smart Capital for entrepreneurial Spirits

Shareholder Activism

We are available for investments in wireless infrastructure, power and real estate and also act as a shareholder activist. We have long-standing experience in restructuring companies and through our experiences on the boards and as CFO of various companies we have developed the essential economic expertise to enable the continual and successful development of an investment.

In order to increase enterprise value or to protect investors from management’s harmful actions, it may be necessary to involve a shareholder activist. In Germany, shareholder activism is relatively unknown especially in comparison with the U.S. Shareholder activism offers the opportunity to actively influence the investment when investors are unsatisfied with management decisions. Supporting unsatisfied investors in exercising their rights through shareholder activism corresponds with our approach to Smart Capital.

In recent years, at the request of investors we have acted as a shareholder activist in infrastructure investment funds. We pushed for the replacement of the former management and made public various issues concerning potential mis-management. On the website www.bac-fonds.info (German only) we published the relevant information.

If you are an investor who is unsatisfied with the management’s performance and if you want to make the most of your opportunities to preserve or increase your investment’s value, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team.

For further information concerning shareholder activism please visit the European corporate governance institute.


For larger investors such as hedge funds or institutional investors, we are available as a co-investor. Due to our professional backgrounds we specialize in wireless infrastructure, power and real estate – areas in which we have been successful for years.

Besides capital, we also contribute our extensive financial background. We have established relationships with several development banks, e.g. KfW and its subsidiary DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft), Worldbank subsidiary International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the U.S. government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Through our broad network across many sectors we are able to connect potential investors and partners to successfully support the investments.

Present us your investment opportunity and gain us as co-investor.

Market Entry Advisory

Emerging and frontier markets have great potential for German medium-sized enterprises wishing to increase sales and enter new markets. Local partners and contact to relevant decision makers are crucial factors in successfully establishing a company in such markets.

Oliver Schulz and his team have a broad network and dependable contacts, even at political level, in numerous African and Asian markets. This makes us a valuable partner for companies expanding to emerging and frontier markets and enables us to arrange useful contacts.

Whether you are looking for suitable production facilities or qualified lawyers familiar with local regulations, whether you need support in obtaining necessary permits or contacting development banks to finance your expansion projects – Oliver Schulz and his team bring together industry partners and pave the way to attractive emerging and frontier markets for medium-sized companies.

Talk to us about your plans. We can facilitate access to attractive growth markets, and with our broad network we can establish the foundation for your successful expansion.

Overview Myanmar

Myanmar offers great chances for entrepreneurs. After almost 50 years of military dictatorship Myanmar has started developing a democracy in 2011 and has an enormous backlog demand.

Myanmar’s economy is based on seven sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, energy/mining, tourism, financial services, and telecom. According to consulting firm McKinsey, Myanmar has the potential to achieve rapid economic growth equivalent to 8% per annum if it takes action to tap the full potential of all seven key sectors of its economy. McKinsey forecasts Myanmar could more than quadruple the size of the economy from $45 billion in 2010 to over $200 billion in 2030 and per capita GDP could rise from $1,300 in 2010 to $5,100 by 2030.

Its location in the heart of Asia is one of Myanmar’s intrinsic strengths. Myanmar, with a population of around 60 million people, is fortunate in its location at the crossroads between Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, and Thailand, countries that are home to more than 40% of the world’s population and are huge potential markets.

Thus, Myanmar offers great chances for entrepreneurs – provided they have necessary contacts for successfully establishing a company in the country. Use your chances – benefit from our network.

About Oliver Schulz and his Team

For over 20 years Oliver Schulz has been a successful entrepreneur. During his long career he has held shares in several businesses and has built-up various companies.

At the age of 23, Oliver founded his first company in real estate development. Two years later he invested in a 50% share of a company in the insurance sector and later in financial and portfolio management services with a license from the German financial regulators (BaFin).

Subsequent to this he invested for two of Thomas J. C. Matzen’s (entrepreneuer and investor) portfolio companies belonging to Pricap Venture Partners AG. He also assumed entrepreneurial responsibility as a member of the board and managing director. Thereafter he served as the CFO and a member of the board at Strathmann AG, focusing on pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. In 2006, he joined the IDEAL Life Insurance Group as a member of the board where he was responsible for 1,200 employees, 250 branches, and annual sales of over $100,000,000.

Oliver Schulz then invested in a mid-sized private equity investor located in Germany und the U.S. After having successfully restructured the company he assumed responsibility as Managing Partner. In addition, he issued investment funds investing in U.S. American infrastructure and established a new asset class in the German investment market.

Today Oliver Schulz is owner and Managing Director of an international investment management and advisory firm focused on infrastructure, power, real estate and financial services/insurance. In addition, he holds shares and leading management positions in several companies active in these fields.

Oliver Schulz graduated from the University of Applied Science in Muenster and the European Business School with postgraduate studies in Financial Economics. In 1998, he obtained his licence as a Certified Financial Planner.

Oliver Schulz is supported by a team with long-standing experience and success in the fields of infrastructure, energy, financial services and insurance. The international and global operating team has excellent contacts to leading players in the individual sectors and has built-up excellent market access over recent years.




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